Marguerite Ham

Services and Programs

At Igniting Success, we can customize services and programs to fit your organization’s needs. We’ve also created a basic set of training programs many organizations can use when they begin training their executives or future leaders for success. Programs and services fall into four main categories:

  • Coaching: customized programs to explore in-depth your staff’s communication style and help them understand how others communicate. Coaching includes individualized testing, explanation of the test results, team style analysis, training on communication methods, and individualized coaching calls to help staff move through roadblocks to become effective performers and leaders.
  • Training: Half-day to day-long seminars on a variety of organizational and personal development topics, including memory enhancement, emotional intelligence, personal and professional prioritization, and team building.
  • Conferences: We can provide keynote or specialty addresses for conferences, or facilitate a breakout session relating to one of our training classes.
  • Equine Events: Equine events can be extremely valuable for developing effective leadership and communication. You can’t boss around a horse! A half-ton animal needs to be read, understood, and persuaded to do what we want using nonverbal, nonthreatening cues.

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