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At Igniting Success, we can customize services and programs to fit your organization’s needs. We’ve also created a basic set of training programs many organizations can use when they begin training their executives or future leaders...

The View from Colorado

Welcome to our new vlog! We’ll be covering topics revolving around leadership in a crisis and self care for the foreseeable future. Click here to see our home page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel....

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Updates and Resources New Vlog: A common emotion during the COVID-19 pandemic -and one we might not recognize in ourselves or others- is grief. Even if we have not lost anyone personally, we have lost...

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Hi, I’d love to hear from you! Please pick up the phone or send me a note using the email contact form below. I look forward to connecting! By Phone: 303-646-2857 By Mail: 10940 S. Parker Rd.,...

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Igniting Success is a training and coaching service company focusing on professional development for organizations, including Business Owners, CEO’s, Leadership Teams, Management Teams, and Aspiring Leaders, who are looking to grow and develop themselves, their people and their businesses. We create a developmental plan through a discovery process that combines the values of the organization with the values of the individual to leverage human potential and reach the strategic goals of the organization. Our goal is for all staff members, regardless of position, to feel an intrinsic passion for their job; while at the same time, feel engaged and fulfilled in their role in their organization. This creates a thriving culture where staff members feel connected and committed to each other, the customers they serve and the success of the organization.

Latest Leadership and Coaching Thoughts

Relationships at Work: Give What You Want to Get

Strong leadership is based on strong relationships. Have you considered your relationships lately? Here's what to consider and how to improve them.
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Tips for Transitioning after the Pandemic

Hope you all are well and getting outside to enjoy some of this Spring weather.  As my blog readers know, getting outside in nature to...
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Empathy in the Caring Professions

by Marguerite Ham Balancing Empathy and Burnout I recently read an interesting article in Quartz about the possibility that empathy could cause exhaustion and burnout....
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The 4 Attitudes for Outstanding Leadership

I recently became a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator with Wendy Quan, The Calm Monkey.  As I walked through the months of training, practicing and learning, one...
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Events and Announcements

Updates and Resources

New Vlog: A common emotion during the COVID-19 pandemic -and one we might not recognize in ourselves or others- is grief. Even if we have not lost anyone personally, we have lost much of our normal lifestyle. Children also grieve because they have lost the opportunity to socialize at school and at play. Our latest vlog, The Many Faces of Grief, features therapist Theresa London talking with Marguerite about recognizing and processing the different types and manifestations of grief, in ourselves and our staff.

Also, in conjunction with Selected Independent Funeral Homes (SIFH), we’ve been gathering and sharing resources specifically for funeral service professionals. The Selected Independent Funeral Home website has a full page of resources relating to the COVID-19 pandemic for its members (the Access Resources button).

Marguerite has been hosting online meetings and education sessions for her SIFH leadership academy members and alumni. She has also been working with her GRASP grief group and produced this presentation for people struggling with their personal COVID issues. Please feel free to download and peruse the PDF linked here and use it with Marguerite’s blessing.

Wishing you all good health!

Announcing Our New YouTube Channel

Many planned events have been canceled or postponed, so I’ve started my long-planned YouTube channel to reach out to my clients during this very stressful time. Click here to see myYouTube home page, or visit our new website page, the View from Colorado, to see me, colleagues, dogs, and horses discuss leadership and self care. Remember to Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see new videos when they are posted, and, as always, feel free to contact me with suggestions for topics you would like to see covered!