Marguerite Ham


I collaborate with and work for various organizations in the Denver area, both commercial and charitable.

Business Affiliates

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. A leader in the space of workplace assessments and training, Wiley has several important programs to help you understand and build your work teams, and I can facilitate the process and help your team understand and implement the results.

Everything DiSC (TM) and its associated online product, Catalyst (TM): The DiSC test helps employees find their personal workstyle, understand it, and understand the work styles of others to make workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective. The Catalyst product is an online portal into an organization’s DiSC assessments, allowing team members to view the profiles of their teammates and help them build highly functional work teams.

Selected Leadership Academy (in association with the Selected Independent Funeral Homes): Teaches leadership and organizational skills to owners and funeral directors in independent funeral homes.

The Calm Monkey (TM) specializes in promoting healthy mindfulness in organizations. I am a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator trained in the Calm Monkey methods.

Coach Training Alliance: The CTA trains and certifies new coaches in all areas of life.

Charitable Organizations:

I feel it is important to give back to my community, particularly to those who are in need and hurting. I currently work with these grief groups.

GRASP:  Helping the families and loved ones of overdose victims.

Heartlight Center: Helping grieving families accept loss and move forward with life.