Marguerite Ham


I am absolutely passionate about training, coaching and working with people and organizations.  I have been presenting for 26 years, and it continues to be my purpose and passion! I truly care about the people in my workshops: what is important to them, what they really want to learn, and how to communicate information to them in a fun, interactive and entertaining way.  I believe people learn better when they are having fun and are relaxed. I put my heart and soul into sharing current and valuable, easily implemented information in an interactive style.

My goal is for the attendee to be able to walk out the door after a session and have a plan on how to implement what they learned right away. Knowledge is potential; Action is Power!   If  we don’t know how to implement and use the information learned, what good is it?

These are some of the courses I teach:

  • What Elephant in What Room? It can be really tough to deal with difficult subjects  head-on, which leads them to become the “elephant in the room”. It is possible to deal with touchy subjects in a sensitive, straightforward, and professional manner by preparing for the conversation properly. Learn how in this course about Crucial Conversations.
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: There’s IQ and EQ – what is the difference and which is more important in the workplace? EQ!  Understand what EQ is and how to develop your Emotional Intelligence to be more effective and successful both personally and professionally.
  • Mixing and Managing 4 Generations in the Workplace:  The generational challenge in the workplace is considered one of the biggest issues organizations face today. This program will provide strategies for your management team on how to recruit, manage, communicate, train and retain staff and stimulate positive interaction among your staff.
  • Jumpstart Your TQ:  You know about IQ and EQ — now discover TQ (Team Quotient!)  This program will help you assess your current teams, identify dysfunctions, and help create powerful, effective, fulfilled teams.
  • Wisdom of the Wolves: An interactive team building event that uses the wolf pack as a theme. This event engages team members, stimulates interaction in a fun format, and creates opportunities for growth, learning and communication amongst team members. (Can be an outdoor event.)
  • Coaching For Today’s Leaders: Coaching makes the most of an organization’s most valuable resource…its people! Coaching is the next phase in the evolution of personal and professional development.  Understand the differences between managing and coaching.  Learn the skills and coaching process to develop your staff to their highest potential while being in alignment with the vision and needs of your organization.
  • Total Recall: One of my most popular courses! Learn powerful techniques to remember what you see, hear, read and people’s names.  We all have a photographic memory — learn how to access it with powerful and easy-to-learn  techniques that will increase your efficiency professionally and personally.
  • What’s Your Style?  Each of us has a different and unique personality style that has its strengths and challenges.  Our style drives how we communicate, lead, manage, make decisions and handle stress.  In this highly interactive and fun session, learn to better understand yourself and others to increase communication and effectiveness.
  • Priority Shuffle: How to juggle multiple projects and priorities without dropping the ball!
  • Coaching Certification: Become a certified coach, andcreate a culture of staff development and fulfillment in your organization. (ICFA approved)
  • DISC and behavioral assessments: Learn deep truths about yourself and your staff, improve your team’s communication, and increase productivity.

Email me for a complete listing and description of the workshops and training I offer. We can discuss your challenges and goals.  I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you and your team!

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