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Leadership Training

Leadership Training Classes

Fire up your staff’s leadership potential with one of our fun and exciting training courses. Classes can be tailored from two hours to two days to suit your organization. They are available onsite or virtually.

The 5 Languages of Leadership

There is an art and language to becoming a successful leader! This course teaches leaders and potential leaders how to communicate and establish trust with all different people; build strong, effective teams; align their team with company values and missions; develop future leaders; and become personally agile enough to function in many different teams and work situations.

Mixing and Managing 5 Generations in the Workplace

For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workplace. Generational gaps and differences are considered one of the biggest issues organizations face today. This program provides strategies for your staff and management team to recruit, manage, communicate with, train, and retain staff of all generations. Learn to create positive interactions between co-workers of all generations!

What's Your Style?

Each of us has a different and unique personality style that has its strengths and challenges. Our style drives how we communicate, lead, manage, make decisions, and handle stress. In this highly interactive and fun session, learn to better understand yourself and others to increase communication and team effectiveness.

Connecting Through Coaching

Coaching makes the most of an organization’s most valuable resource… its people! Learn the process and skills of coaching to develop your staff to their highest potential while being in alignment with the vision and needs of your organization. This is a great opportunity to open your mind to new ways of communicating with team members or anyone who needs a focus on growth and development.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

There’s IQ and EQ – what is the difference, and which is more important in the workplace? EQ! Emotional intelligence is a leadership competency that impacts all other leadership competencies. Learn about the four characteristics of the EQ model. Make an action plan to develop your EQ to be more effective and successful personally and professionally.

Navigating Critical Conversations

There are some conversations we dread, even though they are necessary. Learn how to align your intention with your impact during important conversations. Discuss the five key principles of a critical conversation. You have three choices for handling conversations: 1) Avoid them, 2) Handle them poorly, 3) Handle them well. Learn how to handle them well with this course!

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Organizational Health & Well-Being

We have all struggled with something these last two years. Many are struggling with stress, burnout, and mental health issues. Learn the difference and get tools needed to maintain well-being for you and your staff members. Understand your own well-being needs and what inspires & energizes you, and learn how to guide others to do the same! Set your personal compass and ground yourself in your strengths. Mindfulness training & facilitation available.

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