Happy Employee Appreciation Month!

Happy Employee Appreciation Month!

Amazing how fast this year is flying by…it is March!  “The month of March symbolically represents new growth, fertility, and procreation in humans, plants and animals. It’s meaning embodies a kind of reigniting of the hearts, like our ancestors, quickened… our souls long for new conquests.”  It is also, Employee Appreciation Month! How are you going to appreciate your staff and your co-workers and reignite and reengage their hearts?  I found a calendar for March with lots of special holidays at www.Successories.com (check this site out, lots of ways to appreciate your team!)  This calendar may give you some fun ideas to connect Employee Appreciation Month with other interesting celebrations and fun interactions with staff.  Find ways to have fun with each other!

The definition of Appreciation: “Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”  Find ways to recognize and talk about the good qualities of others during this month and challenge your staff members to do the same with each other!

Here are some ideas:

March 1:  Barista Day, perhaps buy everyone their favorite cup of joe and while you are at it, give your “barista” an extra tip!
March 2:  World Book Day, in your morning meeting, ask each person to share their most favorite book and start a book exchange.
March 3:  The Actual Employee Appreciation Dayplease do something for your team! Anything to acknowledge and appreciate them!
March 8:  International Women’s Day – do something special for your female staff members.
March 10: National Pack Your Lunch Day – ask each person to bring their favorite home packed lunch and then do an exchange of lunches together.
March 14:  Happy Pi Day – challenge your staff to memorize as many of the pi numbers in exact order and give the winner a gift card! (3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197…)

The calendar is for you and your team! Perhaps share it with your staff and let them come up with ideas to create a fun, interactive and more connected atmosphere!

 I appreciate each and every one of you! You are amazing, dedicated professionals! I am honored to know you.

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