Marguerite Ham

The View from Colorado

Welcome to our new vlog! We’ll be covering topics revolving around leadership in a crisis and self care for the foreseeable future. Click here to see our home page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you for watching, and please contact me with any topics you would like to see covered.

Finding Calm in the Wind Storm. Length: 5:23
The Many Faces of Grief: May 4, 2020, with Guest Theresa London, L.C.S.W. Length: 17:21
April 18, 2020: Practicing Being Proactive vs Reactive with our Health, with guest Dr. Debrah Zepf. Length: 34.24
April 1, 2020: Learn Emotional Freedom with Tapping, with guest Theresa London, L.C.S.W. Length: 27:44
March 29, 2020: Learn to Flex Your Leadership Style. Length 5:58
March 22, 2020: Choose Your Focus to Weather the Storm. Length 2:46