Adaptive Leadership Requires Flexibility!

Adaptive Leadership Requires Flexibility!

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership is key right now with our uncertain environment worldwide. Your way of being as a leader must be intentional. Your people are watching everything you say and do and the energy you are emanating. Now is the time to become an Adaptive Leader. I refer to this in my 5 Languages of Leadership workshop as The Leader Star. 

I am reading a great book, “Flex, The Art & Science of Leadership in a Changing World”, by Jeffrey Hull, PhD.  This book talks about two primary leadership styles, Alpha and Beta. Both of these styles are important, and the leader of today must be adaptive to the circumstances, the environment and our staff member’s needs. Hull talks about a model called F.I.E.R.C. E. (Flexibility, Intentionality, Emotional Intelligence, Realness, Collaboration and Engagement.) Check out this book – I highly recommend it! CLICK HERE for the link.

The Leader Star

The Leader Star is an adaptive leader.  They are able to assess/analyze circumstances, environments and people and quickly adapt to what is needed in that moment to solve a problem, prevent a catastrophe, and shift people’s mindsets and engagement to get the job done. At the same time, they demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence which keeps a pulse on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of their people. 

Basic Leadership Styles – The Foundation

There are many different Leadership Styles.  I like to keep things simple, so here are four to consider:

  • Analytical:
    • Logical Thinker
    • Right/Wrong Mindset
    • Facts & Figures
    • Task- Oriented
  • Visionary:
    • Sees Possibilities
    • Communicates Vision
    • Motivates/Inspires
    • Idea/Change/Future Oriented
  • Commanding:
    • Directive
    • High Expectations
    • Competitive
    • Results Oriented
  • People-centric:
    • Affirming & Affiliative
    • Consensus Building
    • Coaches & Encourages
    • Team Oriented

Leadership Challenge – Flex

Reflect:  review the descriptive words under each Leadership style.  Which is most like you or where your natural tendencies fall?  Challenge yourself to bring the other styles into your daily thoughts and actions as a leader.  This will make you a more well-rounded leader and a more Adaptive Leader!  You will feel more in control during a very uncertain time, and your staff will feel more confident in you as a leader. 

Here is a You Tube video, discussing Adaptive Leadership.  I was using my horses and interestingly enough they did not do what I was hoping they would do, so I adapted!  Enjoy!

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