Leadership & Rituals

Leadership & Rituals

I had a very interesting conversation this week about the importance of rituals in our lives. We were raised with rituals! Family rituals, religious rituals, community rituals, school rituals, holiday rituals….the list goes on and on!

I started thinking about how important rituals are, and I think one of the reasons is that we are creatures of habit. Rituals can make us feel safe, loved and valued.

What rituals do you have with your family? Do you have a specific day the family spends together? Perhaps a game night or movie night. A favorite restaurant you and your significant other like to enjoy a meal at and do so on a regular basis. Rituals can be the glue that continuously bring the family back together in this busy world! And, a way to easily make someone feel valued.

What about rituals in leadership? Rituals may not be the word used in the workplace…but they absolutely exist. How about weekly or monthly meetings…that could be considered a ritual!

What rituals can we create in the workplace that would have a positive effect? How about the ritual of simply walking around and catching people doing things right and acknowledging them! Taking a few minutes and writing a thank you note to an employee for going the extra mile. Rituals are a fun and easy way to acknowledge people on a daily basis!

What rituals do you already have in place as a leader? What rituals can you create to value your staff, to grow your business?

Rituals are a part of our culture…make them a part of your life!

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