Communication is Key to a Leaders Success

Communication is Key to a Leaders Success

I was talking with a client today, and he shared with me the great success that is taking place within his company. He stated that the success is due to his constant attention to “Re-training, Re-immersion and Reemphasis” to the core Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose of his company.

Not too long ago, he got all of his staff together to create a current Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose for the company. This created tremendous buy in from the entire staff. They felt a part of the company and felt valued by the company to be a part of this process.

In addition, every day the company has a ten minute “Huddle Meeting” via the phone where the workload for the day is shared and discussed and one person is asked on the call (spontaneously) to discuss how the Mission of the company is in alignment with the work that will be done that day. Or, how the Purpose of the company will help to get the duties and tasks accomplished. Or, how the Vision of the company will help grow the company. At first, when he started this exercise, staff did not respond well…now they are prepared and state the answer with energy and enthusiasm!

It is a leaders job to “Re-train, Re-immerse and Re-emphasize” the Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose of the company, and to make sure they don’t end up complicated, forgotten words on a sign that is posted at the entrance or in the cafeteria. This core information must be constantly reinforced and modeled by the leadership of the company.

I am sure many of you have heard the quote: “Children don’t do what we say, they become who we are.” Well, I tweak that quote in business to say: “Employees don’t do what the leaders say or state in the manuals, they do what they see the leaders do”! Take a look at the model you are portraying as a leader. How can you act and speak in a way that is a positive role model for your staff?  

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