What People Want

What People Want

What do customers, friends, the socially networked, users, neighbors, classmates, servers, administrators, employees… maybe even brands… want?

notice me
like me
touch me
do what I say
miss me if I’m gone

The above blog was written by Seth Godin, Saturday, May 14, 2011.  I thought about this and how it applies to leadership and the most impactful way to treat people. The following are my thoughts and expansion on what Seth wrote.  

As a leader, it is imperative that you constantly feed your staff.  They want to hear it from YOU!

Notice me – acknowledge me when I do something right and value what I bring to this company

Like me – smile, ask about ME, get to know me, ask me what I do when I am not at work

Touch me – send note cards with acknowledging and supportive comments, connect with the heart

Do what I say – ask for my suggestions and take action on some of my suggestions

Miss me if I am gone – always acknowledge the strengths a person has brought to the organization

All of your staff like to be “touched” by you.  Not in the physical sense of course!  In the heart.  You as the leader, have the “magic touch” to motivate, inspire, grow and develop your staff.  That means they want to hear it from YOU, you personally, in some way.

DO SOMETHING TODAY, to acknowledge and “touch” your staff.

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